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“It is rare to find an authoritative work of modern history which is also a nail-biting page-turner, but in Walking Ghosts, Steven Dudley has done just that. In this account of one of the bloodiest dramas of modern-day Latin America, Dudley writes with an appealing blend of passion and honesty, and his book is absolutely riveting.” --Jon Lee Anderson, staff writer, The New Yorker

Walking Ghosts: Murder and Guerrilla Politics in Colombia

Walking Ghosts tells the story of a leftist political party and its idealistic members to fight for a change in Colombia. These party militants campaign with the hope that they can foster peace in the hemisphere’s bloodiest and longest running civil war. Their efforts cost many of them their lives as close to 3,000 members are murdered by right-wing paramilitaries working closely with Colombian military personnel. The “political genocide,” as some have called this slaughter, has made it even more difficult for Colombia to climb from the abyss of a four-decades old conflict.

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While working on this book, Steven Dudley filed regular dispatches from Colombia for The Washington Post, National Public Radio, and the BBC. He has written articles for The Boston Globe, The Economist, The Washington Post Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, The Progressive, and The Nation. In addition to Colombia, he has reported from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua and Miami.

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