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Steven Dudley is the co-director of InSight, a joint initiative of American University and the Fundación Ideas para la Paz in Colombia, South America, aimed at monitoring, analyzing and investigating organized crime in the Americas. Based in Washington D.C., Dudley works with a team of five investigators and various contributors throughout the region to give the public a more complete view of how organized crime works in the Americas, as well as its impact on public policy and communities from the Rio Grande to Patagonia.


Walking Ghosts by Steven DudleyDocumentary Film: Flip/El Abogado de los Diablos:

The drug war, so prominent a feature of US policy for the past four decades, has become a place where justice has been replaced by inertia. It is as if the war itself is on autopilot, flying too high to see that the landscape below has changed even while the price of the drugs has not. But that the drug war has failed is not news. What the drug war has become is. Meet Joaquin Perez, the man who perfected the "Flip," a process in which once powerful Colombian drug traffickers cower at the thought of a cold, hard jail cell, turning on friends and foes alike to save themselves. Learn more...


Walking Ghosts by Steven DudleyWalking Ghosts: Murder and Guerrilla Politics in Colombia

“It is rare to find an authoritative work of modern history which is also a nail-biting page-turner, but in Walking Ghosts, Steven Dudley has done just that. In this account of one of the bloodiest dramas of modern-day Latin America, Dudley writes with an appealing blend of passion and honesty, and his book is absolutely riveting.” -Jon Lee Anderson, staff writer, The New Yorker


Armas Y Urnas de Steven DudleyArmas y urnas: historia de un genocidio político

“Con compasión, perspicacia y olfato para el detalle, Dudley presenta la historia definitiva del drama político detrás de la aparentemente interminable violencia de Colombia. En un reportaje meticuloso, Walking Ghosts es un recuento, de un conflicto complejo, que pone los pelos de punta y deja al lector a borde de su silla. Más que cualquier otro reportero antes que él, Dudley ha traído a la vida al valiente, al inocente, al homicida y al malo, que han sido mezclados en el caldero de la guerra civil actual más larga de Latinoamérica.” -Juan Forero, Jefe de la Oficina Regional Andina, The Washington Post 

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