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Consulting for Public and Private Interests

Steven Dudley consults with private and public interests on security, human rights, legal and political issues throughout Latin America.

Dudley has served non-governmental and academic interests in their efforts to better understand the political makeup, economic trends, and guerrilla and criminal activities in the region. Specifically, he’s privately advised organizations who have used his deep knowledge of the insurgents, paramilitaries and organized crime to develop strategies to lobby government representatives on policy issues affecting Latin America.

He recently finished a report (pdf) on drug trafficking in Central America for the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars. And he's investigated and write a background report (pdf) for the International Crisis Group on Guatemala.

He has also advised private energy interests on their investments in Colombia. He has in-depth knowledge of mining and energy from his time writing for Petroleum Argus and Bridge News where he reported on and analyzed the oil, natural gas, coal and electricity sectors from Argentina to Texas.

He’s assisted defense lawyers who are investigating past events and developing strategies for future negotiations. And he has reported on currency and money, in particular the movement of cash through black markets (pdf).

His ability and access to armed actors give him the on-the-ground information often lacking in private industry, policy and academic circles. Currently, he is focused on studying drug trafficking and how it impacts the social, political and economic dynamics of particular regions and countries (pdf).

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